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This page will be dedicated to our 2015 Show Results for each horse we show this year.

 Kept up to date as best as possible as the year unfolds :)

Dunlea White Oaks

January 26th

Gatton QH and P Ass, 'AA' show

QH mare 4 yrs and over 1st

LND Classyingold

January 26th

Gatton QH & P Ass 'AA' show

QH colt 1 yr, 2nd and Reserve champ

Yearling lungeline, 3rd

Yearling HIH, 4th

Allora Ag show

Feb 7th

Dunlea White Oaks

Best Presented Any other dilute, 1st

AOD Mare/Filly, 1st

Champ/Res AOD Exhibit, Champion

Ancillary Best Presented, 1st

Ancillary Mare/Filly 1st

Champ/Res Ancillary Exhibit, Champion

QH mare 4 yrs and over, 1st

Champ/Res QH mare/filly Champion

Allora Ag show (First ever ag show)

Feb 7th

LND Classyingold

Palomino Stallion/Colt, 2nd

Champ/Res Palomino Stallion/Colt, Reserve

Ancillary Stallion/Colt, 1st

Champ/Res Ancillary Exibit, Reserve

QH colt under 3 yrs, 2nd

Champ/Res QH Stallion/Colt

Also Check out the pages for LND Madetoorder aka Splashy for her show results

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