Roxy (Dunlea White Oaks) Roxy (Dunlea White Oaks) 72056196 Roxy and Her Dam (Millargro Oaks Cee Lee) Oaky Show 09 72056197 Roxy's first time with the Western Saddle 72056198 Roxy at work at home 72056199 Roxy being mouthed at home 72056200 Roxy relaxing at home on a hot summers afternoon 72056201 Smile for the Camera.. now pose... 72056202 check this out!! I've got some thing better to look at!! 72056203 Roxy at 12hs old 72056204 Show day. Laidley Walloon Club Show June 2010 89480484 Relaxing at Home 89480485 Being Broken in 89480486 Finding a shady spot on a hot summers day 89480487 12 Hrs Old 89480488 Dunlea White Oaks, Allora Show 2014. 1st show back after a 4 yr break and 2 foals, 5 x 1sts, 3 x Champions 2 x Supreme Champion Exibits. 6 weeks after weaning her last foal (Tassie) off her. 189285736 Dunlea White Oaks Allora Show 2014, 6 weeks after weaning Tassie off her. 189285737 Roxy and Alphy with their Results Warwick Show 2014 190683431 Roxy Grand Champion Local Led horse of the Show, Warwick 2014 190683432 Roxy warwick show 2014 190683433 Roxy's results from Warwick Show 2014 5 x firsts 3 x Champions 2 x Supreme Champion Exhibits 1 x Grand Champion Local Led all breeds horse of the show 190731628 Showing Roxy Feb 2014 196086924 Roxy on the Run, Photo shoot Oct 14 Photo Credit Outlaw Photo's 196086925 Roxy loves to Run, Photo Shoot Oct 14 Photo Credit Outlaw Photo's 196086926 Roxy cutting loose, Photo shoot Oct 14 Photo Credit Outlaw Photo's 196086927 On May 31 2015 Roxy was awarded her 5th AQHA life time award her Bronze Centery at Halter 198895305