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Dunlea White Oaks aka Roxy

has had 4 years away from the Spot light of the show ring being a successful and wonderful mum to 2 stunning Colt foals the last weaned only 6 weeks before her first show and has now started her return in 2014

Let us watch her progress.

Show #1 GQHPH Ass 'A' Show

January 27 2014

( foal weaned 4 weeks ago)

3rd QH mare.

Show #2 Allora Ag show

February 8 2014

Best Presented Any Other Dilute 1st

Any Other Dilute Mare/Filly, 1st

Champion Any Other Dilute Exhibit

Best Presented Ancillary, 1st

Ancillary Mare/Filly, 1st

Champion Ancillary Exhibit

Supreme Champion Dilute Horse of the Show

Quarter Horse Mare 4 yrs and over, 1st

Champion Quarter Horse Mare/Filly

Supreme Champion Quarter Horse Exhibit of the Show

Clifton Ag show,

QH mare 1st

Champ/Res mare/filly, Champ

Supreme Champion QH Exhibit

Best Presented AOD 1st

AOD female 1st

Champ/Res AOD Exhibit

Best Presented Ancillary 1st

Ancillary female 1st

Champ/Res Ancillary Exhibit

Supreme Champion Dilute

Pittsworth Ag show

Oakey Ag show

Toowoomba Ag show

QH mare over 4 yrs, 1st

Champ and Res QH mare/filly, Reserve

Best Presented AOD 1st

AOD Mare over 3 yrs, 1st

Champ/Res Mare/filly, Champion

Ancillary Female 1st

Champ/Res Ancillary Reserve

Qld Dilute championships 2014

Best type for Breed, 1st

White Horse Mare 4 yrs and over 1st

Champion White Horse Female

Grand Champion White Horse Exhibit

LWQH 'A' show Sept 21/14

QH mare 4 yrs and over 1st

Champ/Res QH mare/filly, Champion

HIH Senior horse 1st

GQHPA 'A' show January 26 2015

QH mare 4 yrs and over 1st

Allora Ag show Feb 7th

QH mare 3 yrs and over, 1st

Champion QH mare/filly

Ancillary, Best presented, 1st

Ancillary Female, 1st

Champion Ancillary Exhibit.

Any other dilute Best Presented, 1st

Champion AOD Exhibit

QH mare 2nd

Reserve champ QH mare/filly

HIH Senior, 1st

LW WPC March 7th

QH mare 1st

Champion QH mare/filly

LW WPC March 8th

QH mare 1st

GQH&PA Double judge 'A' show March 28

QH Mare 1st (Judge 1)

QH Mare 2nd ( Judge 2)

July 2015

Roxy has now been awarded her AQHA Bronze Century Award from the AQHA her 5th life time award. She will be retired at the end of this show season and return to being a broodmare. Which she loves to be a mum. Looking forward to 2016 foaling season. :)

Above: Dunlea White Oaks aka Roxy at her first show back after having 4 yrs off being a mum, 6 weeks since weaning her 2nd foal off her. Allora Ag show Feb 2014, 5 x Firsts, 3 Champions and  x 2 Supreme Champion (Grand Champion) exhibits

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