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Show Results for 2013

CPS He's so Awesome aka Alphy

Laidley-Waloon WPC Beginner Show 20/1/13

Beginner Hunter Rider under saddle, 3rd

Beginner Hunter Horse under saddle, 6th

All age Hunter horse under Saddle, 4th

Walk Trot, Trail, 1st

Beginner Rider Trail, 1st

Beginner Horse Trail, 1st

Improver Rider Trail, 3rd

All Ages Trail, 1st

CPS He's so Awesome

Led Paint/Pinto Gelding, 1st

Champ Paint/Pinto Exibit

Paint/Pinto u/saddle, 1st

Open Hunter under Saddle, 3rd

Open Western Pleasure, 1st


This is Alphy's first ridden ag show...

LND Dipped in Gold

Allora Ag Show Feb 2013

( this is his first ever show)

Local Novice Galloway Hack 4th

Open Local Galloway Hack,2nd

Local Adults Galloway Hack,2nd

Best Educated  Local Galloway Hack 3rd

Local Gentleman Rider over 17 yrs, 1st

Reserve Champion Local Snr Rider over 17 yrs

CPS He's so Awesome

Clifton Ag Show, 17/2/13

Paint Gelding u/3 yrs, 1st

Champ Paint Gelding

Supreme Champion Paint Exibit

Pinto Gelding, 1st

Champion Pinto Exibit

Jnr Bridle Path Hack, 1st

Open Bridle Path Hack, 3rd

Jnr Hunter u/saddle, 2nd

Jnr Western Pleasure, 2nd

Open Western Horsemanship, 1st

                                                                                                          Jnr Horse Trail, 1st

LND Totaly Awesome (Max)

Clifton Show , Feb 13

Paint Bred Gelding 3 yrs and under, 1st

Champ and Res Paint Bred Gelding, Champion

CPS He's so Awesome (Alphy)

Gatton QH&P Ass ''AA' show


Led Paint Gelding 2-3 yrs, 1st

Champ and Res Paint Gelding, Reserve

Jnr Hunter in Hand, 1st

LND Totaly Awesome (Max)

Gatton QH&P Ass 'AA' show


Paint Bred Gelding, under 3 yrs, 2nd

Yearling Lungeline, 4th from 9 (first show)

CPS He's so Awesome

Warwick show April 7

Paint Gelding 3 and under 1st

champion paint gelding

Pinto Gelding

Champion Pinto Exibit

Supreme Champion Colourama Exibit

Supreme Champion led Local Horse of the Show ( 2nd year running)

LND Platinums White Night

Warwick Show April 7

AQD Best Presented, 1st

AOD colt u 3 yrs, 1st

Champ AOD stallion/colt

Ancillary Best Presented 1st

Ancillary Male

Champion Ancillary Exibit

QH colt, u 3 yrs 1st

Champion QH stallion/colt

(1st show after 9mths break after injury out of the paddock)

Toowoomba Royal Show 2013

CPS He's So Awesome

Paint Gelding 2-3 yrs, 1st

Champion Paint Gelding

Supreme  Champion Paint Exibit

Pinto Best presented, 2nd

Pinto best marked, 2nd

Pinto gelding u/3 yrs, 2nd

Res Champ Pinto Gelding

LND Totaly Awesome

Paint bred gelding u/3 yrs, 1st

Champion Paint Bred Gelding

                                                                                                          Supreme Champion Paint Bred Exibit

CPS He's so Awesome

Goombungee show 27 April

Paint Gelding u/3 yrs, 1st

Champion Paint Gelding

Any other Breed (pinto) Gelding 1st

Champion Any other breed exibit

Any other breed under saddle, 1st

Jnr Western pleasure 1st

Jnr Hunter under saddle, 1st

LND Platinums White Night

Goombungee Show 27 April

Best Presented Any other Dilute, 2nd

Any other dilute Stallion/colt, 1st

Best Presented Ancillary

Ancillary Stallion/colt 1st

Quarter Horse colt u/3 yrs, 1st

Champion QH stallion/colt

LND Totaly Awesome

2013 Youngstock Show


yearling paint bred gelding 1st

Champion Paint bred yearling

Best coloured yearling.

LND Platinums White Night

Gatton QH&P Ass 'AA' show

QH colt 2 yrs, 1st

Res champ QH colt

LND Platinums White Night

2013 Youngstock show

open 2 yr old futurity, 5th

aod 2 and under futrurity, 3rd

Ancillary male 3rd

white horse colt 2 yrs, 1st

Qh colt 2 yrs, 1st

Champ 2 yr old Qh










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